Quick Tips for Choosing the Best Corporate Trophies and Awards

27 April 2016
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Corporate trophies and awards can tell your employees and staff that you recognize their hard work and accomplishments, and they can also foster a sense of teamwork when given out to entire departments. They can also create a healthy competition between salespersons and the like, as they work hard to be the one to receive this year's award or a coveted trophy. Remember that choosing such awards isn't like choosing a sports trophy for a child's baseball team, so note a few quick tips to remember so you ensure you opt for the right type for your corporation.

1. Invest in quality

If someone on your staff worked very hard all year to close those big accounts for your company, and you reward them with a cheap plastic trophy, chances are they might feel anything but appreciated. They may feel that you don't really understand or value the hard work that they put into closing those accounts when the trophy they get hardly reflects the value of the work they did. Invest in quality trophies and awards for your staff instead; this can mean something of crystal or solid metal rather than cheap plastic.

2. Choose awards that can be easily displayed

An award or trophy should be easily displayed; consider something that can be hung on the wall like a plaque, versus an oversized, cumbersome trophy that might take up too much space on a bookshelf or in a bookcase. A large trophy might also be too distracting if someone were to try to display it on their desk, and it might get in the way of their work, especially if they have a smaller office or cubicle, but a smaller trophy the size of a paperweight can be a better choice. Even for plaques, be sure you don't choose something so large that it becomes distracting; consider something the size of a moderate picture frame rather than the size of wall art. 

3. Have them personally engraved 

A good way to show true appreciation for workers is to ensure the trophies are personally engraved. This should be with their name, department, accomplishment, and so on. Giving out statuettes or plain plaques that simply say something generic like "Good Job" or "Achievement Award" can be a bit impersonal. This too can make a worker feel that you don't really appreciate their personal contribution. Have the trophy or plaque engraved, even if it's with nothing more than their name, in order to better express the personal appreciation behind the award itself.