Why You Need to Take Extra Care When Framing Valuable Artwork

23 June 2017
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Whenever you move into a new home, you will be on the lookout for a variety of different fixtures in order to add some colour to the walls. Most people choose to hang some pictures and you may have some valued documents or artwork that you can frame just for this purpose. However, before you get started you should be aware of some issues that could cause damage to your valuable items, if you're not careful. What should you focus on, before beginning the framing process?

Using the Right Product

If you use the wrong compounds or proceed incorrectly, damage could be caused to the artwork that you put within the frame, by a substance known as "lignin." This is typically found within wood products and specifically within frames and can cause the piece on display to fade or turn yellow. While customising your frame, make sure that you only use adhesives and other components that are designed specifically for the purpose. Sometimes, these are labelled as "museum quality," to help guide you.

Marauding Bugs

Some people may not be very careful when framing their work and may assemble it poorly, leaving tiny openings which insects can easily infiltrate. They could not only cause damage to the print inside, but also the frame if they do so. Make sure that you take your time when putting everything together, so that you don't come across this issue.

Avoiding Condensation

You need to avoid moisture like the plague. Condensation can be a real issue if you have not framed your art piece correctly. If moisture does get inside it can cause artwork (and especially photos) to actually stick to the inside of the frame glass. This will ruin the photograph, because you won't be able to remove it from the glass down the road. Excess moisture can also cause the frame to warp.

Excess Heat

When you put a nice art piece on the wall, you'll want to draw attention to it and many people choose to attach a special light to shine down on it. Be very careful, however, as some bulbs can give off way too much heat. This can cause the frame to warp over time, so choose a bulb that is rated accordingly.

Powerful Gases

Finally, if you are printing an image from your computer before framing it, always ensure that the photo paper is of the right grade and quality. Certain types of paper can actually emit harmful gas when captured inside a frame and this can cause the image to lose its colour and to fade. Once again, look for photo paper that is "museum quality" to avoid this.

Any More Questions?

If you need any further advice before you get down to the business of decorating your home, have a word with art experts who specialise in custom framing.